Is the current company, which is developing dynamically and has a great reputation for working on the electrical market, supplies a wide range of electrical equipment with voltage class from 6 to 500 kV for residents of the EU and Ukraine
Power transformers of voltage class up to 500 kV

"JSB" produces power transformers with capacity up to 240 MVA and voltage class 35, 110, 230 kV. Thus, the "JSB" concern closes the entire line of transformers in the voltage range of 35 - 295 kV. The plant manufactures more than 60 series, 800 types and 2,000 specified transformers with an annual production capacity of 20 million kVA. "JSB" transformers are exported to Asia, Africa, South America, Central and Eastern Europe, USA and Canada, and more than 30 other countries and regions.
"JSB" pays great attention to product quality. The plant develops and manufactures transformers in accordance with the highest national and international quality standards (IEC, DIN, DSTU, etc.), while taking into account the specific requirements of the customer.

The company has implemented ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, ISO 18001 integrated health and safety management system. Power and transformer 230 kV and below have passed a full set of standard KEMA international tests.
Hoher Berg GmbH company is an official authorized supplier of power transformers of the leading Chinese manufacturer ZHEJIANG JIANGSHAN TRANSFORMER CO., LTD (JSB)
Distribution transformers
of voltage class 6, 10, 20, 35 kV
The enterprise organizes a full technological cycle for the production of electrical products - from metalworking, manufacturing of metal structures to ready-to-use transformers with a capacity of 10 to 4000 kVA, dry transformers, reactors for electric locomotives and electric trains, special low-power transformers, assembly chambers and one-way service panels, gas regulators points.
"Ukrelektroaparat" introduced serial production of hermetical oil-immersed transformers of the ECO design Tier1 and Tier2 series in accordance with the EU directive on the definition of ECOdesign requirements energy-consuming products.
The quality and reliability of the equipment manufactured at the enterprise was fully appreciated by consumers. The company has implemented an ISO 9001 quality assurance system.
During the period of its existence, the plant's products were supplied to the countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Today, LLC "Ukrelektroaparat" continues to successfully develop and expand new markets.
Hoher Berg GmbH company is an official authorized supplier of distribution transformers of the leading Ukrainian manufacturer - "Ukrelektroaparat"
Complete transformer substations and distribution devices up to 35 kV
PC "ZTA" LLC produces the following types of distribution equipment 6-35 kV:
  • kiosk, container complete transformer substations (KTP-25..2500, KTPGS-100..1000, KTPMK-25..630, KTPM-25..250, BKTP-160..2500, KTPP-250..2500);
  • inverter complete transformer substations;
  • distribution devices 10-20 kV (KSO-393, KSO-393B, KSV-298);
  • distribution devices 0.4 kV (Shcho-90).
Hoher Berg GmbH company is an official authorized supplier of distribution equipment up to 35 kV of the leading Ukrainian manufacturer - PC "ZTA" LLC
The range of manufactured equipment is constantly replenished, so you can ask our managers for more up-to-date information through the feedback form.
  • The production base of the enterprise is equipped with modern technological equipment, which ensures the production of products according to progressive technological requirements. The company's quality management system is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and environmental management system - ISO 14001: 2015.
In addition, Hoher Berg GmbH is constantly developing a complex of related services, which is an important value for our customers, who understand that, receiving complex electrical equipment, they also receive services for training personnel and their service support both in the warranty and post-warranty periods.
Our company offers the following set of related services:
  1. logistics services (optimization of terms and methods of transportation, loading and unloading operations; implementation of customs clearance of the order).
  2. equipment commissioning services (chief supervision and chief installation of equipment; acceptance and operational tests; consulting and training of the client's personnel).
  3. service support of the equipment (warranty and post-warranty service; consulting technical support for customers; carrying out regular service work during operation).
A comprehensive approach to each client allows us to fully satisfy the needs of our clients, both in equipment and in its support.
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